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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

VBC will be there as well during UBD Open Day so bring along your friends esp the sooner to be one of the UBD-ians+ some of the VBC members will be UBD representative for PSK(pesta sukan kebangsaan)!!!So,,,goodluck!

VBC High Comittee

the game plan
8:27 PM

Monday, December 7, 2009

Assalamualaikum all.
Last Sunday, 6th December 2009.
Volleyball Club, University Brunei Darussalam, held a BBQ-day at Pantai Seri Kenangan to commemorate the end of this semester and most importantly, exams are finally over with, so it's time to have fun :)

BBQ starts at 9am and yet, most of us arrived later than that :p

ini pelakon-pelakon terbaik.
eksen durang ganya tu menyalai ah.
haha. nadabah!

some of the peeps yang came IN THE MORNING!
haha. :p

birthday boy *ehem* or should i say man? haha :p
happy belated 21st birthday to Samira.

them Adek, Rai and Fyna secretly planned a surprise birthday celebration for Mr. Samira Sambut which most of us didnt know about and yes, it was a success. *teary-eyes*
sapa tu nah? haha :p

before acara menampar kek ke muka di langsungkan.

actually, banyak lagi mangsa yang kana but i didnt get the pictures.
yang paling sandi, Mr. Bazilin, yang kana tampar kai piring plastik oleh Miss Raihana.
anyone yang ada picture kek si Sam, please do tell me.
i will upload it here.

this is the spot at Pantai Seri Kenangan

event ends at around 6pm that day and it was a day to remember.
to those who came, it was really appreciated and thanks for spending the day with us,
Volleyball Club members. UBD. 2009.

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the game plan
6:40 PM

Friday, October 30, 2009

Asalamualaikum warahmatullah hi wabarakatuh~ Ok this is some of the shots of Volleyball Inter Faculty Tournement which is held on 26, 27 & 28th October 2009 @ UBD Sport Complex~ Congratulations to the Winners and thanks to all who participated in the tournament. Last but not least well done to all AJK's and keep it up.. ;)

this is some of the shots from the tournament:






the game plan
7:47 AM

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baju AJK Kejohanan Bola Tampar Inter-Fakulti Sempena Pesta Konvo Kali ke 21, 2009

Baju untuk ajk kejohanan siap sudah, me and fyna baru ambil from Hamidun. Hence, kmi kn bagi baju atu to all AJKs but kmi kan bagi sekaligus. To be fair lh ah, pasal size nya limited sja. Mostly size nya L and if sekaligus grenti berabut pulang, so me and Fyna bagi2 baju atu according to ur size lh. Not exactly kmu pnya size since size nya L,M and S sja. Btw, baju atu 'seksi', i mean nmpk lh, just belapis lh ah..for the girls..
i'll post nma2 AJKs yg dpt baju untuk kejohanan atu.and i'll post bila kmu buleh collect baju atu.Thanks.


the game plan
10:33 PM

Saturday, October 10, 2009

We, the volleyball club members had join the biggest event organised by the student council, PMUBD on 5th until 7th October 2009. It was held at the CLT Foyer.

the game plan
11:56 PM

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